Three Ways to Teach Etched In Clay by Andrea Cheng

Literacy specialist, Jill Eisenberg, provides three ways to use Etched In Clay in the classroom. Etched in Clay is a powerful book for a unit on poetry, author’s artistic and literary choices, American slavery, and more.

Where In The World: How One Class Used Google Maps to Explore the Vanishing Cultures Series

We explore how Jan Reynolds’ Vanishing Cultures series can be used in the classroom. Check out how this 3rd and 4th grade class used Google Maps to study where the books take place.

10 Best Strategies for Reading to Kids in Spanish

Educator Jennifer Brunk from Spanish Playground shares ten great strategies for reading to kids in Spanish.

Beyond “Did you know…”: Teaching Geo-Literacy Using the Vanishing Cultures Book Series

Jill Eisenberg, our Literacy Specialist, discusses the importance of geo-literacy education in today’s classroom and shares ideas on how to use Jan Reynolds’ Vanishing Cultures series to support geo-literacy learning.

Resources For Teaching About Wangari Maathai and Seeds Of Change

Jill Eisenberg, our Literacy Specialist, celebrates Wangari Maathai’s birthday and shares online resources, activities, and lesson plans for educators teaching the book Seeds Of Change.

Eight Ways to Help Students Remember that Books are Fabulous

Literacy Specialist, Jill Eisenberg, offers eight strategies to help children sustain excitement for reading, prevent testing anxiety, and derive joy from print.

Michelle Obama & Su Dongpo: A Character Analysis with Bloom’s Taxonomy

Jill Eisenberg, our Literacy Specialist, uses Bloom’s Taxonomy to illustrate the range and progression of questions teachers can ask students for Common Core standard 3, character study.

The Best Cheerleaders May Come In the Smallest Packages: How Siblings Affect Literacy Education

Literacy Specialist, Jill Eisenberg, shares her experiences and strategies on engaging families, specifically siblings, as partners in helping children to learn and love to read.

Using Infographics in the Classroom to Teach Visual Literacy

Literacy expert, Jill Eisenberg, offers discussion questions and activities about the Lee & Low Books’ diversity gap infographic series to build visual literacy skills and enhance student learning on diversity.

Compare and Contrast Common Core Lesson Plan for Fifth Grade

Literacy expert, Jill Eisenberg, shares comparison ideas within one book for fifth grade. She has created sample questions to teach towards and check mastery of each of the three common core standards categories.


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