Ask an Editor: Worldbuilding in Speculative Fiction, Part II

Tu Books publisher Stacy Whitman discusses worldbuilding in speculative fiction, why it can be so challenging to do well, and how writers should approach it.

20 YA Novels for Thinking Adults: A Diverse List

We believe no one should be ashamed of their reading choices, and that there are lots of great YA novels that adults can enjoy. Here’s a list of 20 YA novels that made us think, perfect for recommending to your friends who may be new to YA.

Ask an Editor: Worldbuilding After the Apocalypse

Tu Books editor and publisher Stacy Whitman shares some tips for good worldbuilding in post-apocalyptic stories.

Where are the people of color in dystopias?

Librarian Sarah Hannah Gómez analyzes depictions of diversity in today’s biggest dystopian books, TV shows, and movies.

Is My Character “Black Enough”? Advice on Writing Cross-Culturally

Tu Books Publisher and Editorial Director Stacy Whitman shares advice on writing cross-culturally for an author who wonders, “Is my character black enough?”

Publishing Advice: Pitching, Querying, and ‘We don’t know how to market this’

Tu Books Publisher Stacy Whitman and author Joseph Bruchac offer advice to writers on pitching, querying, and finding the right readers.

10 Great Resources for Writing Cross-Culturally

Ten great resources for authors writing outside their own cultures.

Advice on Getting Published from a YA Editor and Author, Part I

Author Joseph Bruchac and Publisher Stacy Whitman share advice on writing and getting published.

10 Tips for Being a Badass in Post-Apocalyptic Times

10 tips from Killer of Enemies’ monster-slaying heroine, Lozen, on how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Where Does Zilombo Live? A Photo Tour of the English Countryside

SP Gates, author of the lower middle grade novel The Monster in the Mudball, shares some photos of the places in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, where the story takes place.


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