Poetry Friday: Puppy

For Poetry Friday, LEE & LOW BOOKS features a poem about giving back to the community from our new release, LEND A HAND.

Illustrator April Chu Takes Us Behind the Art of Summoning the Phoenix

Illustrator April Chu shares how she created the illustrations for Summoning the Phoenix.

Poetry Friday: “Broadway Moon” from A Full Moon is Rising

Author Marilyn Singer shares one of her favorite poems from A FULL MOON IS RISING for National Poetry Month and Poetry Friday.

Three Ways to Teach Etched In Clay by Andrea Cheng

Literacy specialist, Jill Eisenberg, provides three ways to use Etched In Clay in the classroom. Etched in Clay is a powerful book for a unit on poetry, author’s artistic and literary choices, American slavery, and more.

Poetry Friday: “A Poem!” from Etched In Clay

Author Andrea Cheng shares one of her favorite poems from ETCHED IN CLAY for National Poetry Month and Poetry Friday.

Andrea Cheng on Writing Biography in Verse

To celebrate National Poetry Month, Andrea Cheng shares why she chose to tell the story of Dave the Potter in verse.

Five Favorite Books for Snow Days

With 5-8 inches of snow headed our way, we put together a list of our 5 favorite books to read on snow days.

Unpacking the Common Core Standards, Part 3: Thinking Horizontally

Resident Literacy Expert Jaclyn DeForge unpacks one of the new Common Core standards horizontally.

Poetry Friday: Marilyn Singer’s Favorite Poems

Poet Marilyn Singer shares a few of her favorite poems for National Poetry Month.

Spring into Multicultural Children’s Books!

A poem and image from the book “Laughing Tomatoes and Other Spring Poems” to celebrate the first day of spring.


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