Video Thursday: Illegal European Immigrants

Via Stuff White People Do, a different perspective on Arizona’s new immigration law: Ah, humor. Reminds me of this now-classic tee shirt: But all kidding aside, what we need is not more people with guns. It’s more schools with pencils and books, more community centers offering classes for adult immigrants. And a society that looks […]

This Week in Diversity: Arizona, the Supreme Court, and Crayons

Before we launch into this week’s roundup of race and diversity links, I’d like to make a plea: help your local library. Many around the country are facing massive budget cuts, so let your elected officials know that your library is important. New Yorkers, NYPL has a handy form to help you contact your City […]

Video Thursday: Immigration Reform and Racism

In his deadpan way, Colbert reminds us how central race is to the immigration debate:


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