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Free Upcoming Webinar: Teaching Tolerance

As stories of bullying fill the news, many teachers, librarians, and parents are looking for helpful resources. Join us for a free, hour-long webinar in which publishers Lee & Low Books (represented by Director of Curriculum and Literacy Strategy Jill Eisenberg) and Second Story Press will present titles that aim to engender empathy and understanding for others. Additionally, assistant professor of teacher education Amina Chaudhri will offer tips on how to use books to prevent bullying. Moderated by Sarah Hunter, Booklist’s Books for Youth Senior Editor. Continue reading

25 Books from 25 Years: First Day in Grapes

25th anniversary posterLEE & LOW BOOKS celebrates its 25th anniversary this year! To recognize how far the company has come, we are featuring one title a week to see how it is being used in classrooms today and hear from the authors and illustrators.

Today, we are celebrating First Day in Grapes, an inspirational story for children of all backgrounds. Chico’s story of personal triumph and bravery in the face of bullying is a testament to the inner strength in us all.

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Out Today: King for a Day

This cold weather makes us want to sip on hot chocolate under a warm blanket with a brand new book. And what better book than King for a Day, out today from Lee & Low Books!

In this beautiful story, Rukhsana Khan takes us to Lahore, Pakistan for Basant, the springtime kite-flying festival. Guiding his kite into leaps and swirls, our hero Malik slashes strings to capture the other kites in the sky, including those flown by the bully next door.

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This Week in Diversity: Bullies, Surfer-Girls, and Ancient Diversity

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and there are lots of great resources to use in supporting children and teens who are being bullied. We have several books, including First Day in Grapes, Willie Wins, and Chess Rumble. The Department of Health has a Stop Bullying Now site, and the National Center for Bullying has its Kids Against Bullying site; both feature games, videos, and information aimed at elementary-school kids. There’s a brand-new resource for gay, lesbian, bi, and transgender teens: the It Gets Better Project, a collection of videos—most recorded by ordinary people, but also including videos by Hillary Rodham Clinton, President Obama, and other celebrities—encouraging young people to hold on and live, because life gets better after high school. We hope you’ll share your favorite resources in comments.

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