The Diversity Gap in Children’s Book Publishing, 2017

Lee & Low updates our infographic on diversity in children’s book publishing and looks at the 2016 numbers.

The Diversity Gap in the Academy Awards: Some Diversity Records Broken, But Still More Work to Do

In 2015, we released an infographic and study on the diversity gap in the Academy Awards. Today, we take a look at the diversity records that have been broken in the 2017 Oscars nominations.

The Diversity Gap in the Tony Awards, 1982-2015

This year, Broadway megahit Hamilton—which almost exclusively stars actors of color—broke Tony records with a whopping 16 nominations. Add to that nominations for The Color Purple, Eclipsed, and Shuffle Along, and we’re in a year where conceivably all the main acting Tonys could go to people of color. But is this year’s diversity a sign of lasting change, or an anomaly?

Star Wars in Perspective: The Diversity Gap in Sci-Fi Movies

To celebrate the release of Star Wars, we revisit our study on the diversity gap in sci-fi and fantasy movie blockbusters.

Infographic: The Diversity Gap in the Emmys, 2015

Our new infographic looks at the Diversity Gap in the Emmy Awards after last night’s momentous wins.

The Diversity Gap in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has been the darling of the US economy for decades. Creativity, leadership, risk taking, and hard work are all attributes of American innovation at its finest. Though lauded as a true meritocracy by the business world, the truth is that Silicon Valley suffers from a similar lack representation among women and people of color as other industries.

The Diversity Gap in Children’s Publishing, 2015

Lee & Low Books analyses the newest statistics about the Diversity Gap in Children’s Book Publishing.

Update: The Diversity Gap in the Academy Awards, 2015 and our Oscars recap

Are the Academy Awards getting more diverse? We update our 2012 infographic and study on the diversity gap in the Academy Awards.

Literary Agents Discuss the Diversity Gap in Publishing

Literary agents make up a big part of the publishing machine. Most publishers no longer consider unsolicited submissions, so an agent is a must if you even want to get your foot in the door. Each year, agents review many promising manuscripts and portfolios so it is safe to say they have a good sense of who makes up the talent pool of children’s book publishing. So what kind of diversity are agents seeing?

Diversity in Publishing: A Closer Look at LEE & LOW’s Staff

In our earlier blog post, Diversity in Publishing: How Diverse is LEE & LOW’s Authors, Illustrators, and Staff, we shared a mini breakdown of our authors and illustrators as well as our staff. After receiving a few more questions, we decided to take a closer look at the breakdown of our staff by department.