Bebop Books: Guided Reading Book Sets for the Classroom

Bebop Books is an exclusive imprint of LEE & LOW BOOKS that offers leveled books for guided reading and assessment in the classroom—all with the same commitment to diversity and cultural authenticity that sets all LEE & LOW books apart. In this blog post, we want to spotlight this special imprint and all it offers.

In 2014, children of color became the new majority in America’s public schools, so now more than ever, it’s important that classroom books and materials reflect today’s students.   Our Bebop Books resources are used in classrooms across the country to support literacy learning content for beginning readers, with multicultural content that affirms identity for all students.Guided Reading Book Sets for the ClassroomHere are just some of the resources that we offer through our Bebop Books line:

Guided Reading

Bebop Books are carefully leveled texts that appeal to children’s interests and provide the supports they need as they face challenges in their development as readers. All books are leveled by the most common book leveling systems used by teachers ensuring appropriate matches between children and books. Our titles cover aGuided Reading wide range of concepts, themes, and interest areas that appeal to children and fit right into your daily reading block.

Perfect for small groups, Bebop Books include leveled sets that meet the needs of your emergent readers and comprehensive lesson plans to guide your instruction. Our literacy materials provide opportunities in guided practice, scaffolded learning, independent sustained reading, and comprehension applications. In addition, all books contain text features that support emergent reader strategies, skills, and behaviors such as:

  • Topics familiar to children
  • High-frequency words, sight words and decodable words
  • Simple patterns and a clear sequence of events
  • Extensive vocabulary

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Classroom Libraries

Together with meeting the demands of education standards, BebopHistorical Fiction Books aims to reflect and celebrate today’s classroom and the uniqueness of each child. Within each level, Bebop Books offers a balance of gender, race, cultures, and family dynamics to recognize the diversity of your classroom and experiences of your students.

We work with schools to create custom libraries, but you can also browse hundreds of pre-made collections on our website including:

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Assessment and Running RecordsTeachers College Reading Assessment Kit

Bebop Books is proud to have its books included in The Teachers College Alternative Reading Assessment for Grades K–2. Developed by some of our nation’s top educators, the complete assessment program provides a trustworthy system for tracking and supporting children’s growth in literacy.

The assessment kit includes twenty-two Bebop titles for use in grades K, 1, and 2, running records, student profiles, teacher scripts and tips, and assessment charts. Please visit Teachers College Reading & Writing Project (TCRWP) to learn more about the assessments and running records for Levels A–K.

More information on our included books and resources can be found here.

ELL/Dual Language Programs

English Language Learners need the same literacy support as nativeSpanish Guided Reading Level E speakers. Bebop Books recognizes the need for quality leveled books in Spanish as well as English in today’s schools.

We offer hundreds of titles in Spanish at all reading levels. Spanish educators and literacy experts have leveled Spanish versions of the Bebop books separate from the level of its corresponding English version in order to meet students’ Spanish language acquisition needs and abilities. Our books are culturally authentic, with high-quality translations that teachers will feel good about. We don’t treat our Spanish editions as secondary: they are equally important and published with great care.

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Free Customized Orders

Want to create a book order based on reading level, theme, and/or student demographics? We can help! Our in-house Sales & Literacy Team can help you build a free custom book order for your school or district.

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