Where In The World: How One Class Used Google Maps to Explore the Vanishing Cultures Series

We explore how Jan Reynolds’ Vanishing Cultures series can be used in the classroom. Check out how this 3rd and 4th grade class used Google Maps to study where the books take place.

Beyond “Did you know…”: Teaching Geo-Literacy Using the Vanishing Cultures Book Series

Jill Eisenberg, our Literacy Specialist, discusses the importance of geo-literacy education in today’s classroom and shares ideas on how to use Jan Reynolds’ Vanishing Cultures series to support geo-literacy learning.

Raising Global Citizens: Jan Reynolds Author Study

Jan Reynolds’ books can be used to teach global citizenship, environmental stewardship, geoliteracy, and much more. Here we share more about her books and list resources available for parents and teachers.

Resources For Teaching About Wangari Maathai and Seeds Of Change

Jill Eisenberg, our Literacy Specialist, celebrates Wangari Maathai’s birthday and shares online resources, activities, and lesson plans for educators teaching the book Seeds Of Change.

SNEAK PEEK: Parrots Over Puerto Rico

A sneak peek at one of our new fall picture books, PARROTS OVER PUERTO RICO, written and illustrated by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore.

Unpacking the Common Core Standards Horizontally: Informational Text

Resident Literacy Expert Jaclyn DeForge unpacks one of the new Common Core standards horizontally.

The biggest full moon of the year

In our busy day-to-day life, certain things often slip by unnoticed. When is the last time you stepped outside to admire a full moon? If you can’t remember the last time you admired the moon, tomorrow night is the night to do it. Thanks to the fact that our lunar neighbor will be especially close […]

Earth Day 2012: Saving the Pufflings

This is a post from our marketing intern, Maryann Yin: Everyone at the Lee & Low office has become quite enamored with pufflings since the release of our spring title, Puffling Patrol. Without this book, we probably never would have learned about these adorable baby birds because they don’t really appear alongside the pigeons of […]

The Meaning of Diversity Becomes More Diverse

Since the company was founded in 1991, diversity at LEE & LOW has been defined by ethnicity. Our focus has always been on multicultural stories that explore racial and cultural diversity, from remembering the experiences of past generations to reflecting on the world in which we live today. For the first time in twenty-five years, […]

Free webinar with Jan Reynolds, live from Bali!

Our very own author/adventurer/world record-breaker Jan Reynolds will be hosting a live, free webinar this Friday from Bali, the site of her award-winning book, Cycle of Rice, Cycle of Life: A Story of Sustainable Farming. Tune in here at 10:30 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on October 7 to explore the cycle of sustainable rice farming […]


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