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Guide to Reading at Home with Children 

Books have the power to initiate meaningful conversations between adults and young people. Our Guide to Reading at Home with Children/Guía de Lee & Low Books para leer en casa en familia was created to help caregivers learn how to read aloud with children at home, build excitement before reading, improve comprehension, and create discussion.

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The Lee & Low Homeschool Advantage!

Are you thinking of home schooling your child? Choosing to home school your child has its benefits and drawbacks. Some advantages to homeschooling your child include controlling what your child learns and what they are exposed to as well as having the ability to show your child that learning is exciting exciting by tailoring their experience to their interests and learning styles. When in an active public school environment teachers use a pace and method that will work for the majority of their students. A homeschooling parent can tailor lessons to their children’s needs, helping them to view learning as a stimulating activity.

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