The Lee & Low Homeschool Advantage!

Are you thinking of home schooling your child? Choosing to home school your child has its benefits and drawbacks. Some advantages to homeschooling your child include controlling what your child learns and what they are exposed to as well as having the ability to show your child that learning is exciting exciting by tailoring their experience to their interests and learning styles. When in an active public school environment teachers use a pace and method that will work for the majority of their students. A homeschooling parent can tailor lessons to their children’s needs, helping them to view learning as a stimulating activity.

However the disadvantage of homeschooling is the social opportunities your child might miss out on. Children need to be socialized at a young age to pick up natural social skills that children who attend public school are constantly exposed to everyday. This means getting your children involved in activities such as boy/girl scouts, CER programs, or activities such as church youth groups. Another reason to get your children socially involved is so they can be exposed to different types of people and cultures. Children who are constantly around different cultures from their own are naturally tolerant and view everyone equally.

Lee & Low has books available that would be ideal for any homeschooler. The books you can purchase on the Lee & Low Web site are great for homeschooling because they portray the world for what it is: diverse. Since children who are homeschooled are not given the same social opportunities as children who attend public or private school, Lee & Low can offer a controlled way to educate children on the world and the wonderful variety of cultures and people.