Lee & Low Guidelines for Virtual Book Read Alouds During COVID-19

Virtual Read Aloud Guidelines

During this critical time, we realize the absolute importance of continued learning in ways that do not put our students at risk. Normally there are companies licensed to professionally produce audio and video recordings of our titles; under the current circumstances, time does not permit professional production to take place.

For this reason, Lee & Low is granting permission to allow educators to do a virtual recording or videotaping of our titles for non-commercial purposes only. Here are our guidelines for reading Lee & Low titles online during this time:

• Please note at the beginning of your recording that you are reading with permission from Lee & Low Books.

• Recordings should only be posted/shared on closed platforms such as a private YouTube channel or password-protected school platform.

• Story time or read-aloud events featuring our books may be streamed live through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Live. However, please make sure recordings of these events do not remain in your archives for more than 24 hours after the event has concluded.

• Please tag @LEEandLOW when discussing any recordings featuring our books on social media

• Reporting: Please use this form to notify us when you post a stream or recording using our books.

By posting a reading, you agree to the above terms which are in effect until June 30, 2020.  For inquiries about permission extensions or other questions, please email hehrlich[at]leeandlow.com

13 thoughts on “Lee & Low Guidelines for Virtual Book Read Alouds During COVID-19”

    1. Hi Yulanda,
      This agreement is specifically designed for educators, librarians, and booksellers to support virtual learning.

  1. Thank you SO MUCH!! We had a LONG conversation with some authors yesterday about contacting publisher for permission! You are the FIRST to respond proactively. We will be SURE to give you all a HUGE “shout out”!!!
    FAME on FB Families Accessing Multicultural Education

  2. I am a teacher in Fluvanna, Virginia and I am volunteering with the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) by broadcasting one-15 minute lessons to be aired on Radio Poder 1380 in the coming weeks. The schedule of the lessons is plan to air on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:10 to 10:30. This new collaborative project between the VDOE and the Richmond-area Spanish language radio is a way to engage Virginia’s approximately 70,00 Spanish-speaking English Learners (EL) and their families during the extended school closure. My proposal involves reading stories aloud and asking questions that would model deeper and critical thinking skills. You have a wonderful book title “The Woman Who Outshone The Sun” and I would like to use this book for one of the broadcast. Do you think this could be possible?

  3. I work for a library district that would like to do 3-5 minute reading spots on the local NPR affiliate. We have chosen three Lee & Low titles we would like to read from. These would be recorded, aired 2 or 3 times over the course of 7 days, then deleted. I’m not sure this fits into the current COVID-19 permissions, especially since these will be scheduled well into the summer. How should we proceed?

    1. We have revisited the Lee & Low permissions statement and revised our project to fit those guidelines. It just seemed easier. 🙂 We will use your reporting form to follow-up when our project begins.
      We would like to thank Lee & Low for their generous support of Libraries, Educators, and young readers. 

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