Looking for Spanish Chapter Books? Meet Rafi and Rosi!

Tomorrow will mark the release of the fourth book in the Rafi and Rosi chapter book series by Lulu Delacre, Rafi and Rosi Music! and Rafi y Rosi ¡Música!

The Rafi and Rosi series follows two Puerto Rican tree frog siblings as they explore their surroundings and learn about the traditions, animals, and environment of Puerto Rico. The series is available in both English and Spanish, and is a great way to introduce early readers to chapter books!

In Rafi and Rosi Music!, Rafi and his younger sister, Rosi, are excited to learn about and participate in the traditional forms of music of their native Puerto Rico. They drum and dance to the rolling and rippling beats of bomba instruments. They sing and sway with the rhythms of plena songs. And they attend a party where they eat paella and warm corn fritters and dance to the hot, spicy beat of la salsa!

Learn more about the inspiration behind Rafi and Rosi Music! and Rafi y Rosi ¡Musica! here:

If you’re in the DC metro area, join author Lulu Delacre in celebration of the return of Rafi and Rosi Coquí with a family program that brings to life the story “Fiery Bomba” in a theater, and showcases live music from Los Hijo’e Plena, the musical ensemble of Maryland Traditions winner Cultura Plenera. You can find more information about the program here.

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