Women’s Empowerment Diverse Book List for Grades PreK-8

LEE & LOW BOOKS is proud to announce the launch of our Women’s Empowerment Diverse Reading Text Sets for Grades PreK-8!

In honor of Women’s History Month and as a response to the current political climate, we wanted to compile text sets that showcase our most inspirational female characters. These text sets feature female historical figures and girl characters who exhibit independence and determination as they solve problems, strive for their dreams, and achieve their goals. The characters featured in these titles are role models that will engage all children.

Use these text sets and corresponding discussion questions with your classroom or reading group in honor of Women’s History Month in addition to your yearlong work. It’s important to acknowledge and appreciate women and girls in books that are thinkers, visionaries, and heroes.

Browse our Women’s Text Set Complete Collection Grades PreK-8!

The text sets include fiction, historical fiction, and biographical titles that feature compelling stories that all students will enjoy.

These text sets are excellent tools to help you include not only diverse books in your classroom, but diverse books that feature empowering female characters.

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