Lexile® Levels for Grades K-5

With our newly updated Lexile® levels for our grades K-5 titles, schools across the country will now be able to bring more equity, inclusion and diversity into their classroom libraries. Our team will work with you to ensure your students have access to authentic, culturally responsive, and contemporary books at the Lexile® levels they need.

Check out the latest Lexile® levels for some of our favorite titles for elementary school readers below:

Grade K: BR345LL–150L

Grade 1: 10L–570L

Grade 2: 290L–795L

Grade 3: 530L–985L

Grade 4: 735L–1160L

Grade 5: 900L–1260L

The following collections score an 80 or above on the Lexile® decoding scale

Full Lexile® leveling information can be found at Lexile’s Find a Book. Learn more about grade level and Lexile correlations.

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