Resources to Find Diverse Books for Reading Recovery®

In 2014, children of color became the new majority in America’s public schools, so now more than ever, it’s important that classroom books and materials reflect today’s students.

Particularly for beginning readers, literacy learning should include multicultural content that affirms identity for all students.

How does a literacy coach or educator refresh or build a collection that reflects and celebrates today’s classroom and the uniqueness of each child?

Know that each title doesn’t need to represent all facets of our children and communities. Across a collection and reading levels, look to add a balance of gender, race, cultures, and family dynamics to recognize the diversity of today’s classroom and experiences of today’s students.

“Diversity is essential for students learning to read because they are for the first time stepping out of their world into a world that exists outside of themselves. As authors, we can put readers in the proximity of others. When we are around others, we can begin to understand different cultures and appreciate others’ differences. We write to extend boundaries. Each group has a gift. If we collect all of the gifts and put them together, we know love. As an author, I write to celebrate this–the heritage of cultural diversities.”

Gaylia Taylor, retired Reading Recovery® and Bebop Books author, in her recent interview Creating Diverse Books for Leveled Reading: An Interview with Gaylia Taylor

How do you evaluate multicultural books for your Reading Recovery® collection?

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