STEM Diverse Books for Grades 6 – 8+

School is back in session, so it’s time to rouse those hungry minds with our STEM diverse reading list and collection! There’s something for every student within these vibrant stacks of books. Animals, architects, engineers, surgeons, economists, environmentalists, and more fill the pages of these engaging, diverse reads.

In this blog post, we’ve rounded up STEM books for grades 6-8+. You can find more of our STEM titles in our STEM Diverse Reading List and the corresponding book collection.

Dream Builder: The Story of Architect Philip Freelon, written by Kelly Starling Lyons, illustrated by Laura Freeman: You’ve seen the building. Now meet the man whose life went into it.

The Story of Car Engineer Soichiro Honda, written by Mark Weston, illustrated by Katie Yamasaki: Meet Soichiro Honda, the innovative motorcycle and car manufacturer and Japanese business pioneer.

Growing Peace: A Story of Farming, Music, and Religious Harmony, written and photographed by Richard Sobol: This photo-essay focuses on Jewish, Muslim, and Christian families in a Ugandan village who learned to live and work together peacefully as the result of a Fair Trade farming cooperative organized by local farmer and musician J.J. Keki.

Grand Theft Horse, written by G. Neri, illustrated by Corban Wilkin: Author G. Neri returns to graphic novels with the powerful story of his cousin Gail Ruffu, who stole a racehorse in order to save it, and ended up fighting the whole racing industry for the humane treatment of animals.

The Shadow Prince, written by David Anthony Durham: In this middle grade solarpunk novel set in an alternate Egyptian universe, twelve-year-old Ash must compete and survive to become the shadow — and protector — of the prince.

Tiny Stitches: The Life of Medical Pioneer Vivien Thomas, written by Gwendolyn Hudson Hooks, illustrated by Colin Bootman: The life story of Vivien Thomas, an African American surgical technician who developed the first procedure used to perform open-heart surgery on children.

Only the Mountains Do Not Move: A Maasai Story of Culture and Conservationwritten and photographed by Jan Reynolds: A photographic essay about contemporary Massai — the changes in lifestyle, land, and farming practices they face and how they are adapting to those changes.

Sacred Mountain: Everest, written and photographed by Christine Taylor-Butler: A photo-essay exploring the cultural, geological, and ecological history of Mount Everest, focusing on the indigenous Sherpa and their spiritual connection to the mountain, record-setting climbing expeditions, and the effects of tourism on the environment.

The Story of Banker of the People Muhammad Yunus, written by Paula Yoo, illustrated by Jamel Akib: Meet Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, who revolutionized global antipoverty efforts by developing the innovative economic concept of micro-lending.

Clockwork Curandera: The Witch Owl Parliament #1, written by David Bowles and Raúl the Third, illustrated by Stacey Robinson and Damian Duffy: Discover a graphic novel unlike any other — a brilliant steampunk reimagining of Frankenstein set in colonial Mexico. Also available in Spanish.

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