2021 Diverse Summer Reading Books for Grades 3-5

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Want to freshen up your Summer Reading list, but not sure where to begin? Kick off summer with our fun, colorful, and printable Diverse Summer Reading List that will get all kids engaged in reading! Our list includes both fiction and nonfiction, bilingual Spanish/English titles, and a diverse range of cultures—in other words, the right book for every reader!

In this blog post, we’ve rounded up books from our summer reading book list for grades 3-5. You can find more of our 2021 summer reading titles in our Diverse Summer Reading List and the corresponding book collection.

Keep reading for some of our favorite entertaining Lee & Low picks!

The Story of... book collection

The Story of series: Discover Lee & Low’s fresh collection of chapter-book biographies focused on historical figures of color. All books feature informative sidebars, highlighted vocabulary words, a timeline, a glossary, a bibliography, and recommended reading.

Seven Golden Rings

Seven Golden Rings, written by Rajani LaRocca and illustrated by Archana Sreenivasan: In this clever picture book, an Indian boy untangles a mathematical conundrum to win a place at the Rajah’s court.

She Was the First!

She Was the First!: The Trailblazing Life of Shirley Chisholm, written by Katheryn Russell-Brown and illustrated by Eric Velasquez: A timely, inspiring picture book biography of the dynamic twentieth-century educator, activist, and politician Shirley Chisholm.

Butterfly for a King

Butterfly for a King: Saving Hawai’i’s Kamehameha Butterflies, written by Cindy Trumbore and Susan L. Roth and illustrated by Susan L. Roth: The fascinating true story of a beautiful native Hawaiian butterfly, a great Hawaiian warrior king, and current-day efforts by scientists and citizens to restore the butterfly’s declining population.

What We Believe

What We Believe: A Black Lives Matter Principles Activity Book, written by Laleña Garcia and illustrated by Caryn Davidson:  This powerful activity book will engage hands, hearts, and minds as it introduces children to the guiding principles of the Black Lives Matter movement.


Sharuko: El arqueólogo peruano Julio C. Tello/Peruvian Archaeologist Julio C. Tello, written by Monica Brown and illustrated by Elisa Chavarri: A fascinating bilingual picture book biography of Peruvian archaeologist and national icon Julio C. Tello, who unearthed Peru’s ancient cultures and fostered pride in the country’s Indigenous history.

Julieta and the Diamond Enigma

Julieta and the Diamond Enigma, written by Luisana Duarte Armendáriz: Nine-year-old Julieta is in Paris when she and her Dad walk in on a thief stealing the Regent Diamond. Can Julieta determine who the thief really is before it’s too late?

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  1. The BLM activity book seems like such a great idea! Rather than just telling kids about it, it’s much better to get them actively involved & learning. This is one I’m looking forward to doing with my kids.

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