10 Tips for Being a Badass in Post-Apocalyptic Times

There are a lot of theories out there that our civilization as we know it will end, but as to when and how, nobody can say for sure. In this blog post, Lozen, the monster-slaying Apache heroine from our YA novel Killer of Enemies, offers 10 tips on how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world:


  1. Shelter first. Fire before water. Water before food. You can last for days and days without food. Lots of hours without water. But you’ll either freeze from the cold or boil from the heat of the sun long before you die from thirst or hunger.
  2. Fire making. Forget about rubbing sticks together. Just carry matches in something watertight–like one of those plastic bottles they used to put pills into.
  3. Don’t light a match until you’ve readied your tinder and piled plenty of small dry sticks in the shape of a tipi.Killer of Enemies
  4. And gather lots of dry firewood before you start your fire. Remember, dry wood is lighter than wet wood and burns faster and hotter. You can tell if it is dry by touching it with your lips. Also dry wood is better because it gives off a ton less smoke. Smoke that might be sending a visible invitation for someone (or something) to come for dinner.
  5. In the dark it is always best to sit with your back to the fire. Unless you are tired of living. When you stare into the flames it blinds you to whatever sharp-toothed beings might be sneaking up behind you in the night.
  6. In the daytime sit with your back against a big tree or rock. But look behind and up into said tree or atop a rock first!
  7. Patience and preparation beat haste and hysteria nine times out of ten. (Though there are times when you do want to run like hell!)
  8. A good gun can be a girl’s best friend. But only if you know how to keep it clean and use it. Likewise with a sharp knife.
  9. Remember, even monsters have mothers. So be prepared for a visit from Mommy if you just blew a hole in Junior!
  10. If it gets too quiet, it may be time to get going!

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