If I Had a Million Dollars – A Tu Books Launch

Galaxy Games Bus Advert
Galaxy Games gets cross town treatment

Over the summer I spotted a mural for the last Harry Potter movie and I remember being impressed. The mural got me thinking about the kind of promotions we could do if we had unlimited funds.

Tankborn phone booth advert
Tankborn on every street corner

Every day we are inundated with advertising and branding, but wouldn’t it be a nice change if cities across the country promoted books for children instead? Would children’s sensibilities toward reading be altered if society pushed reading as hard as the latest iPad or Nike sneakers?

Wolf Mark subway advert
Worf Mark goes downtown

This Fall we released the first list from our new Tu Books imprint. It was very exciting for the staff at LEE & LOW to work on promoting and selling these books for older readers, since we have mainly published picture books in the past. The Tu launch photos featured here are part of my fantasy promotion. This is what a Tu Books launch might look like if money were no object.

Tu Books taxi advert
Tu takes a taxi

It doesn’t cost anything to dream. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “If I Had a Million Dollars – A Tu Books Launch”

  1. Hi Jason,
    If you had any change left, you could consider this promo idea: fill a stadium with teens, each holding a copy of each title and an index card with instructions; design the instructions to make the kids show one or the other cover on the count of 1, 2, 3, etc. so that the stadium seen from above displays awesome pictures and messages; film this from a helicopter; use it as a TV commercial. Since you have so much time to play (just kidding), perhaps you could create a virtual, digital version.

  2. One different thing here in London — the Tube is full of advertising posters for new books. They’re everywhere! Also see them on the sides of bus shelters. I don’t ever remember seeing that in the US, especially not for books that aren’t huge releases.

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