This Week in Diversity: In Between

Greetings on this fine Friday! We have a couple links for you this week, dealing with interactions and being between cultures or peoples.

First, the Times has a look at Anglo-Indian culture: a relic of colonialist times, composed of people of (usually partly) European origins living in India, blending Indian and British cultures while being part of neither. Anglo-Indians occupied a middle position in the racial hierarchy of colonial India, seen as inferior to people of entirely English descent and upbringing, but superior to the native Indians.

Over at Mirror, Kristina Richardson talks about watching The Joy Luck club as a child with her Chinese mother, but not identifying with it. It’s a great piece that looks at how we see ourselves and our families, how others see us—and how we react to how others see us.

Lastly, back at the Times there’s an article about patients interacting with doctors who trained abroad. It takes a look at the markers of success—top medical schools, board certification, accents and names—as well as race.

Enjoy the weekend!