A sky full of stars!

It’s an exciting day in the office—we just got news of Yummy‘s third starred review! The major review journals give stars to books they consider truly exceptional, above and beyond typical standard for books—and multiple stars show a consensus on the greatness of the book. Three is pretty special!

Here are samples from the stars:

Kirkus Reviews: “A haunting, ripped-from-the-headlines account of youth gang violence in Chicago provides the backdrop for a crucial mediation on right and wrong.”

Booklist: “possesses a realism that grounds the nightmare in uncompromising reality and an emotional expressiveness that strikes right to the heart.”

And the newest, from School Library Journal: “Framing the story through the eyes and voice of a fictional character, 11-year-old Roger, offers a bittersweet sense of authenticity while upholding an objective point of view. . . . Realistic black-and-white art further intensifies the story’s emotion. A significant portion of the panels feature close-up faces. This perspective offers readers an immediacy as well as emotional connection to this tragic story.”

Congratulations to author G. Neri and illustrator Randy DuBurke! We are very proud.