This Week in Diversity: Biases in a Weird Universe

Welcome back for another week of links!

Valentine’s Day can make a lot of us see red, but even more so with Time Magazine‘s looks at racial preferences—or biases—shown on online dating sites.

Meanwhile, America Ferrera—the Latina star of Ugly Betty—gave an interview in which she talked about race and casting in Hollywood. The whole interview isn’t available online, but Jezebel has some highlights.

In Louisiana, a museum is opening in honor of a black football coach who spent his career facing segregation and racism, and the Times has a great story on his career and the development of the museum.

Across the Atlantic, France brings us an unusually subtle blackface debate: is white Gerard Depardieu playing a biracial character problematic? Is his makeup?

Lastly, Weird Universe brings us an image of not just interracial cooperation, but inter-species cooperation: