This Week in Diversity: The Power of Words and Languages

This week we’re starting close to home: from the New York Times, an article on the lack of diversity at top New York City Schools—and a reminder that a lack of diversity doesn’t mean that everyone is white.

A long but very interesting paper looks at the role parents’ English ability plays in the juvenile justice system.

Meanwhile, further from home, some ice dance routines and costumes are drawing fire not just for being ridiculous (sadly common in ice dance) but for being racially insensitive and offensive, particularly in their handling of Australian Aboriginal folk themes.

We always knew it, but there’s new proof that the words we use to refer to people do make a difference, in a recent poll that showed that 70% of Americans are in favor of “gays and lesbian” being allowed to serve in the military, but only 59% are in favor of “homosexuals” being allowed to serve in the military.

Lastly, one black cartoonist’s tribute to Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States.

Enjoy the President’s Day weekend, everyone!