Whose class are you in?

It’s Back to School week on the blog and we’re talking about W. Nikola-Lisa’s My Teacher Can Teach…Anyone!, which is giving me all sorts of flashbacks to that last day of school when you got your report card and on the bottom, all hidden away by the signature lines and stuff, were a few words that would pretty much define your quality of life for the next year: the name of your next teacher.

My Teacher Can Teach...Anyone!

Yikes, elementary school can be rough. I remember the comparing, the comforting (“No, I’m sure she’s not really that strict once you get to know her”), the terror of realizing that all of your friends would be in Mr. Peterson’s class and you…wouldn’t. I mean, hypothetically speaking. This definitely did not happen to me personally in the third grade.

Even then we all knew that the teachers we were assigned to would change our lives, at least for the next year. It’s not overdramatic to say that every teacher alters the course of your destiny; after all, as Nikola-Lisa points out, a teacher isn’t just teaching a class of ancy 8-year olds, he/she’s also teaching a class of future dentists, engineers, astronauts, Rodeo clowns, and zillionaires. A teacher can potentially be teaching anyone. All the more reason to honor the great ones, like this man who’s starting his 59th year of teaching this fall. Amazing!

Franklin is about to start his 59th year of teaching
Franklin is about to start his 59th year of teaching