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  1. Hi! I am an experienced secondary ESL teacher who loves to read and write book reviews in her free time! I would like to write a review of a middle grade book that really made an impression on me this summer: Refugee, by Alan Gratz. It’s been chosen for the GRA 20018 and teaches the reader to empathize with the plight of refugees: past and present. The historical fiction novel parallels 3 stories of refugee children: a Jewish boy in Nazi Germany, a Cuban girl during Castro’s regime, and a Syrian boy escaping Bashiar al-Asad’s regime. All 3 stories are engaging, tear-jerking, come full circle at the end and of course feature relatable, diverse protagonists. Is this an article you would be interested in featuring on your blog? If so, can I write it? If not, do you have any other topics for which you accept guest blogger submissions? Thank you!

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks for reaching out! We generally don’t run book reviews of other publishers’ titles on our blog unless they are part of a larger conversation or topic roundup. However, feel free to reach out to us with other possible blog topics and we’d love to consider them!

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