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If you’d like to request a review copy of a book, please contact us at publicity [at] leeandlow [dot] com with information about where you review. We love working with bloggers and other reviewers!

You can see all of our new books (including previews) on our Web site,

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6 thoughts on “Requesting Review Copies”

  1. I’m very excited about the Tu imprint Doret mentioned. I look forward to reading your books when they become available. (I do all my reviewing on GoodReads these days)

  2. I often feature Lee & Low books on my blog in posts about recommended books, PreK through high school. I would love to be able to preview/review new works that are coming out. Especially interested in Tu Books.

    Mary Ann

  3. Hi My name is Maddsion Clark, I am a first year librarain information and tech at Durham college and for one of my final assignments, I am putting on a event/activity promoting and advocating of a passion we have for literacy. My group is extremtly passionate for the need of diverse books. We want our college to self promote and advocate for more diverse books. We still feel that there is still a large gap of diverse and a lacking of promotion for them, It very unfair and we want everyone to know. We will be creating a hastag on twitter for Feburary 17th 2016 ( we are still designing the hastag at the moment) and we would love to have you part of our diverse project to get the word out. We want to do a giveaway or hand out books to people to read and send in their reviews with the hashtage to promote diverse book. I also have a blog where I am writing book reviews of diverse books. I love seeing books on different cultures, races, genders, bullying and sexuallity now being published but I fear that its not enough. I hardly see many major bookstores promote black african books or books about a boy who defines himself as a female. I see more books on mental illness, however what about phyiscal disabilites or silent disabilites such as learning disabilites or deselectxia. I want to review your books because I heard you have the best content of diverse books out there. It would be so awesome and amazing to get copies from you to review as well. I know this may be a one time event for my college , however I feel so passionate that I feel I can moved myself and other books reader to advocate for more diverse books!To shout to the world what are great YA adult/ teens diverse books to read! I want to be the voice of diverse books for teens/adults, to get people to know the big gap that is still there of not much diversity. I want to see the shift in libraries to have more diverse books so that next time they go to the library, no one will judge them for taking out a banned/ diverse book.
    Thank you and I look forward from hearing from you soon.
    Maddison Clark
    Library infomation and tech.
    OLA member
    Book Blogger – Love-Booksandtea

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