The Lee & Low Books Brochure: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that Lee & Low Books has a new brochure that tells you everything you need to know about us? If not, now you do! Today, we’re giving you a quick overview of the brochure and how it can aid you in building a diverse and inclusive space in your home and/or classroom.

Let’s dive in!

Who We Are & What We Do

Lee & Low Books is a family-owned, independent, and certified 100% Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE). We are dedicated to promoting equity both within our company and in the publishing industry at large.

Schools, libraries, universities, and nonprofit organizations are our jam! Our goal is to help you build libraries and collections that reflect your students’ needs while also reflecting the students themselves and the world they live in.

What We Offer

Based on your needs, we can help you create your very own customized book collections and book rooms. Our titles cover a wide range of concepts, themes, and interest areas that appeal to children and work with your daily reading block!

Our themed collections help you achieve those customized book collections and book rooms. Lee & Low Books has compiled many collections over the years with themes that include:

  • Social and Emotional Learning,
  • Anti-Racism,
  • LGBTQ+,
  • BIPOC Joy,
  • and more!

We’re always creating new collections, too. By staying up-to-date with our collections, your classroom will be up-to-date, as well! Stay in the know by subscribing to our blog and signing up for our e-newsletter.

To aid your collections, we also provide teacher’s guides for each of our books that are free to download and easily accessible on each book’s product page on our website. Our Teacher’s Guides are developed by professional educators, cultural and content experts, and our in-house literacy team alongside the book’s author. You can be sure you’ll be in good hands when using our guides in the classroom.

The variety of books we offer, including our many Spanish and bilingual books, will assure you that we have everything required for you to build a well-rounded, diverse, and inclusive space.

Commitment to Diversity & Equity

Lee & Low Books has been committed to diversity and equity throughout our 30+ years in the publishing industry. You may be familiar with our Diversity Baseline Surveys, which have surveyed publishing houses and review journals to establish concrete statistics about the diversity of the publishing industry.

Through these efforts, we have been able to track the progress our industry has made over the years, showing what we have known all this time: that we greatly need to improve representation and inclusion in our workforce.

Opportunities for Writers

Lee & Low Books offers two annual writing contests that encourage writers of color and Indigenous writers to submit their manuscripts to a publisher that takes pride in nurturing new talent. The New Voices Award is given annually for a children’s picture book, and the New Visions Award is given annually for a middle grade or young adult book. To learn more about our writing contests, visit our For Writers & Illustrators page on our website.

Resources, Webinars, and Extended Learning

Lee & Low Books offers a wealth of resources. From webinars that aid in professional development, to our classroom library questionnaire that determines how diverse and culturally responsive your classroom is, and everything in between, we are committed to the advancement of your knowledge on how to provide a more diverse and inclusive space at home and in your classroom.

We’re Always Here for You!

Ready to dive in? Contact or to learn more and get started.

Be sure to check out the full brochure to learn more about Lee & Low Books and what we have to offer, and be sure to share with other educators and friends that you know could benefit from our services.

Happy reading!

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