2022 Women’s History Month Book and Resource Roundup

In honor of Women’s History Month, we have compiled book lists and text sets that showcase our most inspirational female characters. These titles and resources feature female historical figures and girl characters who exhibit independence and determination as they solve problems, strive for their dreams, and achieve their goals. The characters featured in these titles are role models that will engage all children.

Women’s Empowerment Diverse Book List for Grades PreK-8:

Use these text sets and corresponding discussion questions with your classroom or reading group in honor of Women’s History Month in addition to your yearlong work. It’s important to acknowledge and appreciate women and girls in books that are thinkers, visionaries, and heroes.

Browse our Women’s Text Set Complete Collection Grades PreK-8!

10 Great Women of Color Whose Stories You Should Know

We’ve rounded up ten of our books that feature some amazing women of color! From a baseball player to an American politician, these women have helped pave the way for many others.

Hiromi’s Hands by Lynne Barasch

Growing up in New York City, Hiromi Suzuki missed spending time with her father, a sushi chef who worked long hours in the family’s Japanese restaurant. So one day when she was eight years old, Hiromi begged her father to take her to the Fulton Fish Market, where he bought fresh fish. She asked her father to teach her to make sushi. Little did Hiromi realize that her request would lead her to the forefront of a minor culinary revolution, as women claimed their place in the once all-male world of sushi chefs.

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5 Books About Girls and Women in Sports

Read this list of five recommended reads during Women’s History Month and throughout the year to celebrate the achievements of girls and women in sports!

Catching the Moon: The Story of a Young Girl’s Baseball Dream, by Crystal Hubbard, illus. by Randy DuBurke

If there was anything in the world better than playing baseball, Marcenia Lyle didn’t know what it was. With spirit, spunk, and a great passion for the sport, Marcenia struggled to overcome the objections of family, friends, and coaches, who felt a girl had no place in the field. Full of warmth and youthful energy, Catching the Moon is the story of the girl who grew up to become the first woman to play for an all-male professional baseball team.

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10 Children’s Books About Women in STEM/STEAM

Seeds of Change: Planting a Path to Peace, by Jen Cullerton Johnson, illus. by Sonia Lynn Sadler

As a young girl in Kenya, Wangari was taught to respect nature. Although most Kenyan girls were not educated, Wangari, curious and hardworking, was allowed to go to school. There, her mind sprouted like a seed. She excelled at science and went on to study in the United States. After returning home, Wangari blazed a trail across Kenya, using her knowledge and compassion to promote the rights of her countrywomen and to help save the land, one tree at a time.

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