Four Lee & Low Titles Chosen for Read Across America 2021-2022

We’re so excited to share that four Lee & Low titles have been selected by the National Education Association as Read Across America 2021-2022 picks!

Each month, the NEA selects a picture book, middle grade and young adult title that explores diversity and inclusion. Included below are the Lee & Low titles selected complete with resources such as interviews with the author, how to share the book with students, and questions for discussion or reflective writing at the links below. Be sure to explore them all!

November 2021: Explore Ancestry and Identity

All Around Us by Xelena González, illustrated by Adriana M. Garcia

Grandpa says circles are all around us. He points to the rainbow that rises high in the sky after a thundercloud has come. “Can you see? That’s only half of the circle. That rest of it is down below, in the earth.” He and his granddaughter meditate on gardens and seeds, on circles seen and unseen, inside and outside us, on where our bodies come from and where they return to. They share and create family traditions in this stunning exploration of the cycles of life and nature.

February 2022: Explore Families and History

The Electric Slide and Kai  by Kelly J. Baptist, illustrated by Darnell Johnson

Kai’s aunt is getting married, and everyone in the Donovan family is excited about the wedding … except Kai. The highlight of every Donovan occasion is dancing the electric slide–a groovy line dance with footwork that Kai can’t quite figure out. More than anything, he wants to prove that he can boogie with the rest of his family and earn a cool nickname from his granddad. Can Kai break through his nerves and break it down on the dance floor?

Told with humor and heart by author Kelly J. Baptist and lively illustrations from debut picture book artist Darnell Johnson, The Electric Slide and Kai is a funky celebration with all the right moves!

April 2022: Nurture a Sense of Belonging

Kiyoshi’s Walk by Mark Karlins, illustrated by Nicole Wong

After Kiyoshi watches his grandfather, Eto, compose his delicate haiku, he wonders out loud: “Where do poems come from?” His grandfather answers by taking him on a walk through their city, where they see a cat perched on a hill of oranges; hear the fluttering of wings; imagine what’s behind a tall wall; and discuss their walk, with each incident inspiring a wonderful new haiku from Eto. As Kiyoshi discovers that poems come from the way the world outside of us meets the world within each of us, he also finds the courage to write a haiku of his own. 

This lovely book will speak to any reader who treasures poetry, city life, grandparents, or the beauty of the everyday.

May 2022: Build Together

Strong as Fire, Fierce as Flame  by Supriya Kelkar

India, 1857. 

Meera’s future has been planned for her for as long as shecan remember. As a child, her parents married her to a boy from a neighboring village whom she barely knows. Later, on the eve of her thirteenth birthday, she prepares to leave her family to live with her husband’s—just as her strict religion dictates. But that night, Indian soldiers mutiny against their British commanders and destroy the British ammunition depot, burning down parts of Delhi. Riots follow, and Meera’s husband is killed. Upon hearing the news, Meera’s father insists that she follow the dictates of their fringe religious sect: She must end her life by throwing herself on her husband’s funeral pyre.

Risking everything, Meera runs away, escaping into the chaos of the rebellion. But her newfound freedom is short-lived, as she is forced to become a servant in the house of a high-ranking British East India Company captain. Slowly through her work, she gains confidence, new friends, new skills—and sometimes her life even feels peaceful. But one day, Meera stumbles upon the captain’s secret stock of ammunition, destined to be used by the British to continue colonizing India and control its citizens.

Will Meera do her part to take down the British colonists and alert the rebellion of the stockpile? Or will she stay safe and let others make decisions for her? It really comes down to this: how much fire must a girl face to finally write her own destiny?

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