Happy Holidays from Lee & Low

A Lee & Low Christmas

It’s been Only One Year
Since we’ve visited family, far and near.

It’s almost time to go over Sacred Mountain and Under the Lemon Moon
Around the World on The Jones Family Express—soon, soon!
The Bus Ride down The Road to Santiago,
Waiting to see the light streaming through Mama’s Window.

Where do you go? A Journey Home
Down the Seven Miles to Freedom?
Under a Shining Star down Jim Thorpe’s Bright Path

Getting there on time, lest you face Grandma’s wrath?

Coming to America in a Honda so fair,
I see The East-West House, there!
we’re Home at Last with John Lewis in the Lead
And there are so many mouths to feed!

So it’s off to The Have a Good Day Cafe
And there will be No Mush Today.
Rather, Sweet Potato Pie leaving me so full!
but, Where on Earth is My Bagel?

Back at last for presents under the tree.
A warm blanket: Abuela’s Weave was given to me.
Raymond’s Perfect Present is a ¡Béisbol!.
It’s not as cute as Elizabeti’s Doll.

Destiny’s Gift is David’s Drawings.
A question! Do we allow regiftings?
Estela’s Swap is Flowers from Mariko
for The Piano.

Last to be opened: The Pot that Juan Built
and a sewn-with-love Tofu Quilt.
Don’t throw that Confetti or play with toy tanks
until we’ve all said Gracias • Thanks.

The holiday’s aren’t over, no, not until
we’ve told stories around the fire, like The Legend of Freedom Hill.
The room’s full of friends, all ready to say,
“I just love Bein’ with You this Way.”

Happy Holiday wishes are due–
Christmas Makes Me Think about I and I, We, Tu, and You!

4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from Lee & Low”

  1. Delightful! Your mention of “Abuela’s Weave” made me think of the late Omar Casteneda and how much I loved his work. It’s a time for reflection and good memories. Peace out, as my daughter would say!

  2. Thank you so much for the original greeting. I have just joined your email club and look forward to a year of wonderful book titles! Have a wonderful holiday season.

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