Hurricane Sandy Update: We’re Here

Hi all, just a quick note to let you know everything’s back up and running here at the Lee & Low offices following last week’s blackout. We were very lucky: not only is our office building okay, but no one on the Lee & Low staff suffered any real damage – just a few days without power. Our thoughts are with everyone both here and in the Caribbean whose homes were destroyed by Sandy.

If you want to help with the recovery efforts and are looking for a place to start, the NYC Service website has a list of organizations working around the region that need help, and you can find information here on how to help in New Jersey. There are also individual organizations, like the Ali Forney Center which provides housing for homeless LGBT youth, whose facilities have been destroyed. If you have another favorite organization in the region in need of help, let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

Meanwhile, just a reminder, if you missed it last week: We’ve extended the deadline for our New Visions Award, so manuscripts must now be postmarked by November 14. We’re looking forward to reading some great entries – perhaps even a few that were originally handwritten by candlelight during a weather-related blackout?


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