Video Thursday: Visualizing the World

Swedish doctor and statistician Hans Rosling illustrates and explains the progression of world health and wealth around the world, tracking 200 countries over 200 years. Disparities between the colonizers and the colonized, the effect of wars, emerging economies—it’s all here:


We’re off for the holidays tomorrow and next week, so we’ll see you in 2011. Have a great Christmas, if you’re celebrating it, and a wonderful New Year.

3 thoughts on “Video Thursday: Visualizing the World”

  1. Oh that is a wonderful resource, and I probably would never have found it without you! Thank you and happy 2011 to everyone at Lee & Low!

  2. After seeing this, I feel much more optimistic about the future. It makes me so grateful to live in this age, where peace and prosperity are the norm. The African continent is the next big chapter in human progress.

    Jed Henry
    New York Times Bestselling Illustrator

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