Turkey Day. Autumn Pie Day. American Gluttony Day.


It’s coming. Are you ready?

Have you picked out a book to get your kids in a spirit of thanks and appreciation for the natural world?

Have you picked out a book to teach your kids the American origins of popular Thanksgiving foods like cranberries, potatoes, and pumpkins, and to get them excited about helping in the kitchen?

Have you picked out a cute, clever, thankful book about family to read aloud between turkey and pie?

We have.

Thanks for the world: Thanks for the food: Thanks for the family:

Do you have book-related Thanskgiving traditions? What do you read while traveling or enjoying a couple days off? And, of course, what do you eat?

2 thoughts on “Booksgiving!”

  1. We used to read The Stories of the Pilgrims each November. The first 1/3 of the book is really good for detailing the religious oppression of the Pilgrims and how that motivated them to leave England and later, Holland. I love to explore books based on a theme so the ones you have featured are very, very tempting. Thanks! 🙂

  2. You’re welcome, Bridgette! I haven’t read The Stories of the Pilgrims. I grew up reading Molly’s Pilgrim, especially around Thanksgiving time.

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