A YUMMY update

Just popping on the blog to share a little more good news: Yummy has received its fourth (yes, FOURTH!) star, from the Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books:

DuBurke’s gritty black-and-white artwork employs foreshortened backgrounds to bring the action right up in the reader’s face, whether it’s talking heads calmly discussing their theories on Yummy’s disordered personality, families in mourning, or a semiautomatic pointed directly out of the frame. Call it historical fiction to be technically correct, but for kids who still grow up believing that “you make it past 19 these days, you a senior citizen around here,” it’s heartbreakingly contemporary.

Yummy image

We’ve always felt strongly that Yummy’s story needed to be told, and it’s great that readers feel the same. If you’re getting ready to read Yummy, don’t forget that we’ve got lots of extra resources available to help you out: