This Week in Diversity: Heat Wave

Most of the country looks poised for a hot weekend, so here are some pieces to read while you lurk in the air-conditioned splendor of indoors.

Hampton Stevens, guest blogging for Ta-Nahisi Coates, shares a story of a child trying to puzzle our increasingly globalized world, courtesy of the FIFA World Cup, and points to the communication issues inherent in terms like “African American.”

Ta-Nahisi Coates himself looks at the civil war and examines the connection between egalitarianism in regard to race and class, and egalitarianism in regard to gender.

The New York Times profiles a Brooklyn charter school that focuses on Hebrew, but, despite initial worries, is one of the most racially diverse charters in the city.

On Racialicious, there’s a long but excellent essay on curly hair in American culture, as experienced by the curly-haired American Iranian writer.

Enjoy the weekend, and remember to stay cool and hydrated!