Poll: Picture Books with Same-Sex Parents

We’re all about diversity here at Lee & Low, and we know that diversity means more than just race. It’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month, and we’re wondering what our readers would think about picture books portraying the growing number of families led by same-sex parents—would you buy or review picture books featuring same-sex parents, whether for your library, classroom, kids, or personal collection?

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Are there specific kinds of stories about families with same-sex parents you’re more or less likely to buy or review? Why did you answer the way you did? Please feel free to tell us more in comments!

13 thoughts on “Poll: Picture Books with Same-Sex Parents”

  1. Would love to see more well-written books about families with same-sex parents (or why not grandparents? These days you see more of those too). I’m particularly fond of stories where the same-sex couple is not the focus of the story, but rather just one out of many relationships mentioned.

    I often find that stories that intently focus on “teaching” about non-traditional family constellations often lose the joy of storytelling. It’s better if the message can be conveyed more subtly, or indirectly, through a really smashing good story. =)

  2. I’d buy these because they would reflect the reality of our lives. Same-sex parents count for some of the most important and beloved friends and colleagues in the world for me, my wife and our children, and I want to see that reality reflected in the books my children read.

  3. I would be particularly pleased to highlight more books of this kind on my blog/website. Molly’s Family by Nancy Garden is a great example, but I can’t think of a title that features characters who aren’t white folks.

  4. My kids already love “And Tango Makes Three.” We’d love to have more good books that celebrate all types of families.

  5. I’d be particularly interested in books where the two moms or two dads are secondary to the story. Like say, Knuffle Bunny, but instead of a mother when they get back to the house it’s another dad.

  6. Ditto what Cynthia says. We don’t necessarily blog picture books at our site, but we are always looking for more books for older kids with multicultural characters and loving families of all kinds.

  7. I agree with Cookie and Cynthia – we need good stories featuring GLBT families of all races. We definitely get requests at my library for books about all kinds of families and multicultural books for all ages. I’d love to supply patrons with wonderful stories that fill these needs.

  8. Thanks for all the great thoughts, everyone! Cookie, good point about grandparents. And it’s definitely important to have books that reflects the diversity not just of family structures, but of LGBT families—it’s not just a white issue or a white community!

  9. As others have said, I particularly like books such as Pija Lindenbaum’s “Mini Mia and Her Darling Uncle” where the same-sex family relationship is a natural part of a bigger story.

    Most of all, I’d like to see more multi-ethnic GLBT fiction, whether it’s transracial adoptees or a mixed race parental relationship.

  10. I’m a librarian, a transracial adoptive mom, self-define as bisexual, and have a lesbian sister raising a daughter along with the other mom. For all these reasons and more besides, I would love good stories with characters that happen to be gay. Or bi or questioning or transgendered also. Super extra bonus points if main characters are of color and mixed race families or multi-ethnic people would be extra nice – as others have said, as long as the story is good and the characters don’t seem forced. My library is in a largely Latino community, so Latino characters (and Spanish language!) would be most especially welcome. There are classes at the local community college for people doing home daycare that focus on picture books that celebrate diversity, and we always have trouble finding enough.

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