Chicago here we come!

Well, barring any more volcanic interruptions, come this weekend we’ll be heading off to Chicago for the annual International Reading Association convention.  If you’ll be there, we’d love to see you! It makes me super happy to meet people face to face in this age of twitter-email-voicemail-3G-4G-whatever.

Anyway, we’ll be hanging out at booth 2122 so be sure to come by and say hello. And if the L&L staff alone is not enough of an attraction for you, come for our authors who will be stopping by:


W. Nikola-Lisa, author of Bein’ With You This Way, How We Are Smart, and Summer Sun Risin’ (among others) 10–11AM

Trish Marx, author of Sharing Our Homeland, Steel Drumming at the Apollo, and Everglades Forever 2–3PM


Jen Cullerton Johnson, author of Seeds of Change 10–11AM

Anastasia Suen, author of Toddler Two, Baby Born, and many more, and bloggess extraordinaire 11AM–12PM

If anyone knows of any great deep-dish pizza joints in Chicago that should not be missed, leave ’em in the comments. I will try them all! The convention may only be three days, but eating two dinners per night is not beneath me.

3 thoughts on “Chicago here we come!”

  1. Try Pequods! It’s not one of the often-mentioned big touristy pizza places like Gino’s and Uno’s, etc., but it’s my favorite of all the deep dish I’ve tried. They’re thing is the caramelized crust, and if you’re luck, you’ll have a table with one of the few whale-shaped cutting boards (most, according to the waistress the last time we were there, have been stolen!)

  2. PEQUOD’s all the way. It’s just around the corner from my house. And if I ever have to move, that place is the one place I will miss the most. Hop in a cab and say “Webster and Clybourn, please. I’m going to Pequod’s!”

    And bring Jen Cullerton Johnson with you! She knows all about Pequod’s!

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