Video Thursday: Biracial, Not Black

An eloquent look at being biracial:


I think it’s telling that the frustration shown in this video is mostly from the tendency for people to be placed into little boxes and defined in rigid, inflexible terms—and that the biracial people speaking here see that tendency as much in the minority community as in the majority.

5 thoughts on “Video Thursday: Biracial, Not Black”

  1. Thank you so much for talking about this! I’ll send the link to my sister. My little sister’s dad was African American & Cherokee and our mom is European (Italian, English, Irish) and Native American (3 tribes).

  2. Thanks for posting. I actually saw this film at the Mixed Roots Film and Literary Festival. ( The Festival is for anyone interested in the mixed experience in film and literature that shares stories of mixed families and adoptions.

    There is also a kids session. Last year Kim Wayans and Kevin Knotts came to read their Amy Hodgepodge series.
    Lee and Low should come out sometime!

    I am biracial myself and don’t fully agree with all the speakers said in this film and that’s completely okay. I do take issue with the title–I’d prefer them to have supported a both/and foundation and say that you can be biracial AND black, italian, lebanese etc.

    Thanks for great posts!

  3. Thanks for your interest and support!

    That sounds like a great program, MJ. It’s a pity LA is so far from New York!

    I definitely agree that people can be both biracial AND whatever, but I can see the filmmakers’ point that sometimes the biracial gets lost in the black (or whatever). Maybe it should be “Biracial… not just black.”

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