¡Gracias por la estrella! Thanks for the starred review!

Woot! GRACIAS • THANKS by Pat Mora is our second book this fall to get a starred review from Kirkus (a review journal certainly not known for dishing them out freely). Since it’s running later than our other fall titles, this is the first review we’ve gotten in, so we were all pretty excited this morning to read this:

“Mora has a keen sense of the concrete, child-friendly detail, and it’s put to splendid use here.”

And as for John Parra’s illustrations, “the flat perspectives and bright colors skillfully complement the child’s voice.” I’ve always had a particular fondness for this one:

Gracias Thanks by Pat Mora illustrated by John Parra illustration

Nice way to end the week!

3 thoughts on “¡Gracias por la estrella! Thanks for the starred review!”

  1. I obviously have not seen this book yet since it is only coming in Oct. 2009, but I checked out the preview pages available on your site. What a lovely reminder to notice the details and to be thankful for the magical moments, big and small, that make up our daily lives. I do really like the colorful illustrations and the flat perspective. Congratulations on the excellent review.

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