Writers, Send Us Your Manuscripts!

The submission deadline is fast approaching for Lee & Low Books’ tenth annual NEW VOICES AWARD.

Manuscripts will be accepted through September 30, 2009, and must be postmarked within that period. You can find full submission guidelines here.

The NEW VOICES AWARD is given for a children’s picture book story by a writer of color. The Award prize is a cash grant of $1,000 and Lee & Low’s standard publication contract, including an advance against royalties. The Honor Award prize is a cash grant of $500. Past winners include Bird and Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds.

Please help us spread the word and pass along this information to anyone else who might be interested.

We look forward to receiving your submission!

The Editors

2 thoughts on “Writers, Send Us Your Manuscripts!”

  1. Jason,
    I enjoy reading your newsletter and now your blog. I had a question concerning your current writing contest. This may sound ignorant, but what determines a writer of color? Is it being African-American, Indian, Arabian, or Native American? Of course there are a lot more nationalities that are not caucasion. I’m not asking to cause a problem. I have a friend who attended the Highlights Foundation who is Native American and an amazing writer. I would like to share your contest information with her, but am unsure as to if she would qualify. She has an amazing story of overcoming her circumstance that brought tears to many people’s eyes at the conference.

    Thank you so much for your patience and understanding of my question.

  2. Sharon,

    The definition of “of color” is of course tricky. Without getting into the real thorny issues, for the purpose of the New Voices Award we consider it to include people of African, Asian, Native American, Latino/Hispanic, or Middle Eastern descent. Multiracial folks are welcome, too!

    I hope that helps!

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