Meet Lee & Low at ALA 2024

We can’t wait to see you at the American Library Association Annual Conference next month in San Diego, CA at the San Diego Convention Center! Visit us at Booth #1740 for giveaways & signings. Mark your calendars for this line-up of incredible kidlit programming, too.

Names and photos of all creators attending ALA, which are listed in detail below

Catch Up with Your Favorite Creators!


6:00–7:00 PM MONICA ZEPEDA signing young adult novel Boys of the Beast


11:00 AM–12:00 PM CARL ANGEL signing picture book Pedro’s Yo-Yos: How a Filipino Immigrant Came to America and Changed the World of Toys

1:05–1:35 PM ISABEL QUINTERO & OLIVIA ABTAHI speaking at the Lee & Low Books 2024 Book Buzz [Book Buzz Theater in Exhibit Hall— Booth 2027]

2:00–3:00 PM OLIVIA ABTAHI signing ARCs of Twin Flames

2:30–3:20 PM CHERYL KIM speaking on Dream Big, Take Your Shot: Using Picture Book Biographies to Develop Empathy & Promote Wellbeing [PopTop Stage in Exhibit Hall— Booth 5240]

3:00–4:00 PM ISABEL QUINTERO signing young adult novel Gabi, A Girl in Pieces

4:00–5:00 PM CHERYL KIM signing New Voices winning picture book Wat Takes His Shot: The Life & Legacy of Basketball Hero Wataru Misaka


11:00 AM—12:00 PM G. NERI signing young adult graphic novel novel Safe Passage

1:00–2:00 PM ALINA CHAU & EMELINE LEE signing Bonnie’s Rocket

ARC Giveaways

Come by & grab an ARC of these upcoming Fall 2024 titles!

Cover of The Hero Twins and the Magic of Song

The Hero Twins and the Magic of Song: (Tales of the Feathered Serpent #2) by David Bowles, illustrated by Charlene Bowles (Middle Grade): In this graphic novel retelling of an Indigenous Mexican tale, demigod twins must use their magic of song to rescue their father and uncle from the perilous Land of the Dead. A supreme middle-grade adventure!

Cover of A Two-Placed Heart

A Two- Placed Heart by Doan Phuong Nguyen (Middle Grade): Afraid her sister (and maybe even herself) could lose sight of their Vietnamese identity, twelve-year-old Bom writes a poetic memoir to help them both remember—a love letter in verse to sisterhood and the places we leave behind.

Cover of Twin Flames

Twin Flames by Olivia Abtahi (Young Adult): On estranged twins Leila and Bianca’s eighteenth birthday, Leila suddenly gains a djinn’s superpowers, and the twins realize that their town can only survive the djinns’ secret plans if they learn to work together as sisters. An action-packed YA fantasy!