Four years ago, Lee & Low Books released the second Diversity Baseline Survey (DBS 2.0) to measure inclusive hiring among the publishing industry’s workforce, looking specifically at race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability. 21,753 publishing employees took the survey in 2019 — that’s 2,609 review journal workers, 17,100 trade publishing staffers, 1,528 university press employees, and 516 literary agents. The results of the DBS 2.0 inspired many conversations and initiatives to help build a more inclusive book industry.

It is survey time once again. This is an OPEN CALL FOR PARTICIPATION to trade, educational, and university publishing houses, review journals, and literary agencies of all sizes. Will your company participate in 2023? Please send your confirmation to participate by Friday, May 19, 2023.

The Diversity Baseline Survey (DBS 2.0) was created by Lee & Low Books with co-authors Laura M. Jiménez, PhD, Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development and Betsy Beckert, graduate student in the Language and Literacy Department of Wheelock College of Education & Human Development

Why is the Diversity Baseline Survey Important?

Without data, all our conversations about diversity in the publishing industry would be based on anecdotal evidence alone. The Diversity Baseline Survey allows us to discuss our industry’s lack of diversity in a concrete way, with a true understanding of the scope of the problem. The data also allows us to track progress as our industry grows and evolves over time. With the proliferation of book challenges and bans, the unifying message that our industry has a long-term commitment to becoming an inclusive industry is critical.

Why Should Our Company Participate?

High industry participation in the Diversity Baseline Survey sends the message that our industry takes inclusion seriously. In order for the Survey to be a success, we need the participation of as many publishing companies as possible. We also need companies that have participated in previous DBS surveys to participate again.

Participation is free and easy, and simply entails sharing secure survey links with all your employees. By committing to participate, you are demonstrating that your company cares about diversity and is invested in finding solutions. All participating companies will be acknowledged publicly, but rest assured survey data will only be released in aggregate form—never individually or by company. The survey will be managed by Toluna, a professional survey company and the data will be aggregated by two academics from Boston University. Individual answers to the survey will remain completely anonymous. Lee & Low will never have possession or have access to of any of the survey data.

Download the Diversity Baseline Survey Overview PDF to share with a decision-maker at your company and to advocate for your company’s participation.

OK, We’re In. What Happens Next?

  • Have your company representative or point person for the survey, email Jason Low, Publisher of Lee & Low Books, at to confirm your company’s participation. Individuals need not reply, as we are surveying entire companies. Please send your confirmation to participate by Friday, May 19, 2023.
  • Toward the end of May 2023, your company’s designated contact person will receive survey links to distribute to your staff. Full instructions will be included. We will provide wordage you can include about why the survey matters, encouraging employees to participate and affirming that their answers will remain anonymous. The survey deployment date is June 1, 2023 and the survey will remain live for approximately one month.
  • The survey data will be aggregated in late 2023 by two academics at Boston University and the results will be publicly released in at the end of January 2024.

Who’s In (as of 5/25/2023):

Please note the list below represents the companies that expressed interest in the survey. The final number of participating publishers, agencies, and review journals will be shared with the results of the survey in late January 2024.

Trade Publishers (47 trade publishers participated in 2019)

  2. Annick Press
  3. Astra Publishing House
  4. Barefoot Books
  5. Beacon Press
  6. Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  7. Between the Lines
  8. Bloomsbury US
  9. Blue Bike Books Ltd.
  10. Breakwater Books Limited
  11. Brush Education
  12. Candlewick
  13. Capstone
  14. Center for the Collaborative Classroom
  15. Charlesbridge
  16. Coach House Books
  17. Coffee House Press
  18. Cormorant Books
  19. Chronicle Books
  20. Creston Books
  21. Disney Publishing
  22. Dundurn Press
  23. Eerdmans Books for Young Readers
  24. ECW Press
  25. Emerald Publishing
  26. Enchanted Lion Books
  27. Feeding Minds Press
  28. Folklore Publishing
  29. Formac Publishing
  30. Freehand Books
  31. Graywolf Press
  32. Greystone Books Ltd.
  33. Groundwood Books/House of Anansi Press Inc.
  34. Hachette Book Group
  35. HarperCollins Publishers
  36. Holiday House
  37. Hub City Press
  38. Imbrifex Books
  39. Inanna Publications and Education Inc.
  40. Invisible Publishing
  41. Just Us Books
  42. Kane Miller, A Division of EDC Publishing
  43. Kids Can Press
  44. Lerner Publishing Group
  45. Lee & Low Books
  46. Linda Leith Publishing
  47. Little Bee Books
  48. Live Oak Media
  49. Levine Querido
  50. Macmillan
  51. Mango Publishing Group
  52. Microcosm Publishing
  53. The New Press
  54. NeWest Press
  55. NorthSouth Books
  56. Nosy Crow
  57. Orca Book Publishers
  58. Owlkids Books
  59. Peachtree Publishing Company
  60. Pearson Higher Education and Virtual Learning
  61. Penguin Random House/Bertelsmann
  62. Parallax Press
  63. Pioneer Valley Books
  64. Playwrights Canada Press
  65. Pomelo Books
  66. Portage & Main Press
  67. Quarto
  68. Readers to Eaters
  69. Red Comet Press
  70. The RoadRunner Press
  71. Ronsdale Press
  72. Sambasivan & Parikh
  73. Saffron Press
  74. Scholastic
  75. Simon & Schuster
  76. Steerforth Press
  77. Stonehouse Publishing
  78. Theytus Books, Ltd.
  79. Tradewind Books

Book Reviewers (8 book reviewers participated in 2019)

  1. Bayviews
  2. Booklist
  3. Bookpage
  4. Chicago Review of Books
  5. Foreword Reviews
  6. The Horn Book
  7. Kirkus Reviews
  8. Library Journal
  9. Locus Publications
  10. Los Angeles Review of Books
  11. Montreal Review of Books
  12. Publishers Weekly
  13. School Library Journal

Literary Agents: (63 literary agencies participated in 2019)

  1. Aevitas Creative Management
  2. Andrea Brown Literary Agency
  3. ArtHouse Literary Agency
  4. Ayesha Pande Literary
  5. Azantian Literary Agency
  6. The Bent Agency
  7. Bradford Literary Agency
  8. Bookends, A Literary Agency
  9. Booker Albert Agency
  10. The Cat Agency
  11. Chase Literary Agency
  12. Cheney Agency
  13. CookeMcDermid Agency Inc.
  14. Copps Literary Services
  15. Corvisiero Literary Agency
  16. Curtis Brown, Ltd.,
  17. Donaghy Literary Group
  18. Don Congdon Associates, Inc.
  19. Dunham Literary, Inc.
  20. Dystel, Goderich & Bourret LLC
  21. Erin Murphy Literary Agency
  22. The Ekus Group
  23. Folio Literary Management
  24. Frances Goldin Literary Agency, Inc.
  25. The Friedrich Agency
  26. Full Circle Literary
  27. Fuse Literary
  28. Gallt and Zacker Literary Agency
  29. Great Dog Literary
  30. The Greenhouse Literary Agency
  31. Headwater Literary Management
  32. HG Literary
  33. JABberwocky Literary Agency
  34. Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency
  35. Jill Grinberg Literary Management, LLC
  36. KT Literary Agency, LLC
  37. Ladderbird Agency
  38. Laura Gross Literary Agency
  39. Mad Woman Literary Agency, LLC
  40. Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
  41. Mckinnon Literary
  42. New Leaf Literary & Media
  43. Nordlyset Literary Agency
  44. Odom Media Management
  45. Park & Fine Literary and Media
  46. Present Perfect Literary
  47. P.S. Literary Agency
  48. Red Fox Literary, LLC
  49. Rees Literary Agency
  50. The Rights Factory
  51. Root Literary
  52. Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
  53. Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
  54. Serendipity Literary
  55. Spencerhill Associates
  56. Stonesong
  57. Storm Literary Agency
  58. Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency, Inc.,
  59. The Tobias Literary Agency
  60. Transatlantic Agency
  61. Trellis Literary Management
  62. TriadaUS Literary Agency
  63. Weaver Literary Agency
  64. Wernick & Pratt Agency, LLC
  65. Westwood Creative Artists
  66. WM Clark Associates
  67. WordWise Media Services
  68. Writers House

University Presses (35 university presses participated in 2019)

  1. American Psychological Association (APA)
  2. Amherst College Press
  3. Arte Publico Press
  4. Columbia University Press
  5. Duke University Press
  6. The Feminist Press at CUNY
  7. Gallaudet University Press
  8. Getty Publications
  9. Harvard University Press
  10. Louisiana State University
  11. Johns Hopkins University Press 
  12. Marine Corps University Press
  13. McGill-Queen’s University Press
  14. MIT Press
  15. NYU Press
  16. The Ohio State University Press
  17. Oregon State University Press
  18. Princeton University Press
  19. Stanford University Press
  20. SUNY Press
  21. Syracuse University Press
  22. Temple University Press
  23. University of British Columbia Press
  24. University of California Press
  25. University of Chicago Press
  26. University Press of Colorado
  27. University Press of Florida
  28. The University of Georgia Press
  29. University of Illinois Press
  30. University of Manitoba Press
  31. University of Michigan Press
  32. University of Minnesota Press
  33. University Press of Mississippi
  34. University of North Carolina Press
  35. University of Notre Dame Press
  36. University of Pittsburgh Press
  37. University of Toronto Press
  38. University of Washington Press
  39. University of Wisconsin Press
  40. Vanderbilt University Press
  41. Wayne State University


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