New Releases: Confetti Kids #11: The Talent Show and Confetti Kids #12: A Special Goodbye

The covers of The Talent Show, La muestra de talentos, A Special Goodbye, and Un adiós especial lined up in front of a city street backdrop

Today we are celebrating the release of the final two books in the twelve-book Confetti Kids series: The Talent Show (La muestra de talentos) and A Special Goodbye (Un adiós especial). It’s always difficult to say goodbye, but the final installment shows kids how, with the help of friends, they can cope with change.

Confetti Kids #11: The Talent Show by Samantha Thornhill, illustrated by Shirley Ng-Benitez

In this story, everyone at school is excited about the upcoming talent show–except for Henry. His friends assume he’ll play the drums, but Henry has a secret talent that he’s never shared with them before. With the help of his mom and her partner, Joy, Henry learns that sometimes you must be brave and show the world all the things you love.

Also Available in Spanish as La muestra de talentos!

Confetti Kids #12: A Special Goodbye by Samantha Thornhill, illustrated by Shirley Ng-Benitez

In this story, Mei is saddened to learn that her parents must close their flower shop due to the rising cost of rent. It doesn’t seem fair to Mei. Her family worked so hard every day at the shop, and for what? With the help of her friends, Mei learns just how much their little flower shop meant to everyone in the neighborhood.

Also Available in Spanish as Un adiós especial!

More About the Confetti Kids Series

Five friends from diverse backgrounds learn how to navigate common childhood challenges, new experiences, and the world around them in the realistic and kid-friendly early chapter book series.

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Praise for Confetti Kids

⭐ “A perfect package of early-reader accessibility, culturally-conscious story, and inclusivity.” — Kirkus Reviews, starred review (Confetti Kids #6: The Perfect Gift (Dive Into Reading, Emergent))

“In this new installment in the upstanding Confetti Kids beginning-reader series, short sentences and simple dialogue accompany watercolor illustrations that reflect Lily’s diverse neighborhood and the power kids can have in their communities.” — Booklist (Confetti Kids #10: The Protest (Dive Into Reading, Emergent))

“A strong addition for all libraries serving new and emerging readers.” — School Library Journal (Confetti Kids #3: Block Party (Dive Into Reading, Emergent))

Samantha Thornhill is a poet, educator, and children’s book author. Her work has been published in over two dozen literary journals and anthologies. She has taught poetry to acting students at the Juilliard School and creative writing seminars at the Bronx Academy of Letters. She also facilitates workshops for the Dialogue Arts Project, which ventures into professional settings and uses creative writing as a tool to navigate uncomfortable discussions about social identity. dual citizen of the United States and Trinidad & Tobago, Samantha has since retired from her active life in New York City to her native island of Trinidad. Learn more about her at

Shirley Ng-Benitez is a children’s book illustrator who creates art using watercolor, gouache, pencil, and digital techniques. She also loves to make 3-D creatures from clay and fabric. She lives in the Bay Area of California with her husband, their two daughters, and their pup. Please visit her website at and follow her on social media at @shirleysillos.