An Interview with Julieta from Julieta and the Diamond Enigma (plus…recipes for blueberry pancakes and elotes!)

In this interview with the sweet and spunky Julieta from Julieta and the Diamond Enigma by Luisana Duarte Armendáriz, the nine-year-old titular character talks about her love of elotes and blueberry pancakes (with recipes to share!), her favorite art piece in the Louvre, and her excitement for the reopening of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Lee & Low: Julieta, it’s so nice to talk with you. Thanks for chatting with us.

Julieta: You’re welcome! It’s nice to be here.

L&L: How is the new school year going for you? Are you enjoying 5th grade?

J: It’s definitely different with the pandemic. I was really hoping to be a part of the orchestra or band at school, but my parents say I will just need to wait one more year for that. They did say something the other day kind of accidentally in the other room that I might get a clarinet for Christmas, but don’t tell them I heard that. They don’t know. I mean, I guess they will now!

L&L: What have you been doing when you’re not taking your classes?

Julieta and the Diamond EnigmaJ: Just hanging out with my brother. He’s the cutest. He likes it when I sing to him, so I’ll probably learn more songs . . . just so he doesn’t get bored.

L&L: I’m sure you’ll also want to share your love for Greek mythology with him, too. Do you mind telling us about your favorite Greek god or goddess and why they’re your favorite?

J: Athena is definitely the most amazing goddess out there. No one comes even close to her and how cool she really is. Being the daughter of Zeus makes her like a super-smart, warrior princess goddess. And she’s the goddess of wisdom! Her mom, Metis, is pretty smart too, and because of it, she was able to save Athena from her father Zeus, when he wasn’t being nice. She is also the goddess of the arts, among other things. Who doesn’t love art?

L&L: Very interesting! Speaking of the arts, you’re kind of a museum insider thanks to your parents. What is something that you loved from your visit to the Louvre?

J: That’s a hard question. But . . . if I had to choose one work, it would be La Victoire de Samothrace. A huge winged statue. And I mean ginormous! It’s also a statue of Nike, Athena’s bestie. Those two kicked butt.

L&L: I’m sure they did. True girl bosses right there. But, going back to your visit to France. Did you eat anything interesting?

J: Yes. Everything tastes like butter there. Someone also told me to try the escargots . . . but I didn’t. Because they’re actually snails. Did you know that? SNAILS.

L&L: I see. Well, if snails aren’t for you, what is your favorite food?

J: Blueberry pancakes when I’m in Boston. And elotes, when I’m in Mexico. They’re my favorite Mexican treat. My mom allowed me to share the recipes with you! You can find them here for the blueberry pancakes and here for elotes.

L&L: We’ll have to try them out! We hear the Boston Museum of Fine Arts opens back up Saturday, the 26th. Are you excited to be able to go back to the museum?

J: Absolutely! I get to go opening day! And my Dad has been super happy too to be back there most of the time. My mom gets to go back too, but not until January, ‘cause she’s waiting for my brother to be a little older.

L&L: That sounds amazing. Well thank you for speaking with us, Julieta. Good luck with school and have fun at the museum.

J: Thank you! And good luck with all the books.

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  1. I loved your interview with the character, it was so cute to find out what she loves in the book. Can’t wait to read this book.

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