Poetry Friday: Under the Mesquite

April is National Poetry Month! All month long we’ll be celebrating by posting some of our favorite poems for Poetry Friday. For today’s Poetry Friday, we chose a poem from Under the Mesquite, written by Guadalupe Garcia McCall.

a mesquite in the rose garden

In the squint of the morning,

before anyone else is awake,

when the roaring sounds

of unbridled verses

rush furiously through my head,

the mesquite is my confidant.

I lean my back against its sturdy trunk

and read aloud every word

imprinted en mi corazón.

The mesquite listens quietly–

as if the poems budding in my heart,

then blossoming in my notebook,

are Scripture–and never tells a soul

the things I write.

under the mesquite

Purchase a copy of Under the Mesquite here.

What are you reading for National Poetry Month? Let us know in the comments!