Snapshots from the 22nd Annual African American Children’s Book Fair

This past weekend was the 22nd Annual African American Children’s Book Fair in Philadelphia. The book fair is one of the largest single day events for African American children’s books in the country – and a great way to kick off Black History Month each February. Below, a few pictures from this year’s event:

African American Children's Book Fair
Participating authors and illustrators this year included Tonya Bolden, Floyd Cooper, London Ladd, E.B. Lewis, Don Tate, Pamela Tuck, and Eric Velasquez
Young readers browse piles of books.

Crowds pour into the auditorium for the book fair.
A line of authors and illustrators engages with young readers.
A young reader finds a quiet place to read amidst the crowds.
Pamela Tuck and Eric Velasquez, author and illustrator of As Fast As Words Could Fly
Author Pamela Tuck (As Fast As Words Could Fly) and illustrator Colin Bootman (Love Twelve Miles Long)
Participating authors and illustrators display their books.
Author/illustrator Don Tate (r.) on a panel

Thanks to author Pamela Tuck for sharing her photos with us! More about the book fair here.

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