Black History Month Book Giveaway 2013

It’s Black History Month, and that means it’s time for our annual giveaway from Lee & Low Books! We’re giving away three sets of three books featuring African Americans, and the contest will run through February 28, 2013.

To enter, follow in the footsteps of Dave the Potter, the subject of our new biography Etched in Clay: The Life of Dave, Enslaved Potter and Poet. Dave was an enslaved potter in South Carolina who inscribed his works with sayings and short poems in spite of harsh anti-literacy laws for slaves:

horses mules and hogs —
all our cows is in the bogs —
there they shall ever stay
till the buzzards take them away ==
March 29, 1836

I wonder where is all my relation
friendship to all — and, every nation
August 16, 1857

Write your own couplet in the comments below (it could be about anything, and doesn’t have to rhyme) to be entered in our giveaway. We’ll choose a winner at random.

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Check out some of the books you can win! Excited? We thought so!

black history month book covers
These are the book prizes.

We’ll be notifying the winners and sending out books after Black History Month is over, but we think our titles hold up year-round, not just during February! Black history is part of American History, and shouldn’t get relegated to one month out of the year. So enter below to win three great books to enjoy all year long!

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48 thoughts on “Black History Month Book Giveaway 2013”

  1. You publish such great stuff,
    But for me, it’s never enough!

    I also:

    1.) Follow you on Pinterest
    2.) Subscribe to this blog
    3.) Follow you on Twitter

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. In honor of today’s weather (and because I’m from California), here’s my couplet:

    Snow: so beautiful & white,
    My happiness has just reached new heights

  3. I look forward to your website news monthly. I teach pre-k and my bi-weekly themes and your book lists help me.

  4. I love my children like you
    and I explain to them who
    they belong to, and you
    say I’m walking the line
    between faith and bloodline
    by merely breathing “Palestine”

    Please publish books for kids about Palestine! (I follow you on Twitter too.)

  5. Our ancestors trudged a merciless trail through slavery,
    Branched on the tree of bravery

  6. Our history runs deep…
    We have invented, discussed, written, sang, professed, debated, rapped, calculated, quilted, reaped, counted and formed
    the very fabric of the red, white and blue.
    Yes, that’s so true!

  7. My ancestors’ unpaid blood and sweat
    built this nation;
    Often without appreciation or recognition
    they laid America’s rich foundation.

  8. Entering for fun, if I win give my book to a daughter or son.

    Go forth, carry on, reach out,
    enrich all with your shout.

    1. Our library would love to add these books to the children’s collection. I will donate them if I win!

  9. I believe one day that black and white
    Will be no different than day and night.
    One will blend into the other
    Just like children from father and mother.

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