Earth Day 2012: Saving the Pufflings

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Everyone at the Lee & Low office has become quite enamored with pufflings since the release of our spring title, Puffling Patrol. Without this book, we probably never would pufflingshave learned about these adorable baby birds because they don’t really appear alongside the pigeons of New York City. In the last five years, the puffin population on the Westman Islands in Iceland has decreased sharply due to environmental changes and global warming. Inspired by the child activists that star in the book and with Earth Day approaching, we started wondering about what we can do to ensure that puffins continue to be part of our world ecosystem.

Ted and Betsy Lewin hold a pufflingWe asked the Puffling Patrol authors/illustrators Ted and Betsy Lewin about what they think would be the best way to promote conservation efforts.  They both agreed that the answer is “public awareness. Educating the public about the problem, and the importance of diversity of life on our planet. To quote William Beebe, ‘When the last individual of a race of living beings breathes no more, another heaven and another earth must pass before such a one can be again.’”

Ted and Betsy definitely have the right idea on a plan of action. Those of you who live in the mid-coast area of Maine, you can get involved with Project Puffin. This organization, installed by the National Audubon Society in 1973, adheres to aPuffling eating mission of restoring colonies of puffins on the islands around the Maine coasts. Volunteers are always welcomed with this group. Those who have an academic background in biology and conservation science can also apply for internships.

But you don’t have to feel left out if the Northeastern coasts of America are outside the reach of your hometown. You can still get involved in the Adopt-a-Puffin program. By doing this, you will ensure the preservation of puffins and their young pufflings. Check out the video embedded below to learn a little bit more about these incredible Maine birds:


To find out more about Project Puffin, please visit their website, and check out this interview with Ted and Betsy Lewin to learn more about their adventures in Iceland!

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