How to Read a Poem Aloud, Part 4

guest bloggerAs Spring finally appears to be arriving and April is swiftly fleeting away, Guadalupe Garcia McCall shares some advice about reading poetry- and adding your own passion into Under the Mesquite coverthat reading. A published poet in more than twenty literary journals, McCall’s first book, Under the Mesquite, will be released by LEE & LOW in Fall 2011.

“Open your mind and listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat, then read the words out loud to your child with the uniqueness of your own lilt and inflection. Every person has their own special poetic voice. Don’t worry about the pronunciation or the enunciation of words. We wrote these poems from the bottom of our own hearts. They come from the same place you are visiting when you are reading to your children. Listen to the words on the paper. They will whisper their names to you. They will show you the way.”

Don’t forget to share with us how your children responded to your poetry reading in the comments below!

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  1. Wonderful! We are all very excited for the release of this book in the Fall. Happy Reading!

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