Benefits of Bilingual Books

It’s under debate whether or not raising a child bilingual is beneficial or confusing for the child. Choosing to raise your child in a bilingual environment can have benefits such as the child developing tolerance and more open ideas about other cultures, developing communication with a broader range of people, and more career opportunities available as an adult.

People who are bilingual develop the rare skill of processing information in two different languages. Globalization is increasing more and more every day therefore the children who are growing up bilingual will have a communication advantage over any person who only knows one language. Becoming bilingual is more than just learning to speak in another language, it is learning, understanding, and respecting another culture. Another benefit a child bilingual is that once one language is mastered it becomes that much easier to learn more languages.

Bilingual books available for you to purchase from Lee and Low include Toddler Two/Dos años, Poems to Dream Together/Poemas para soñar juntos, and Gracias • Thanks. These books are great for children in grades ranging from K-7th grade.